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Ali Larkin to WA Bd of Health

Alli Larkin, Testimony

WABOH 11-14-12


At your last meeting it was announced that the Portland City Council had voted

5 to 0 to add fluoride to Portland’s water supply, even though three times prior to 1983 the people of Portland had voted NO to adding fluoride.  But do you know the rest of the story?


The morning after the vote the people were ready with feet on the ground.  They had 30 days to gather 20,000 signatures to put fluoride up to a vote of the people.

On the 29th day they turned in over 43,000 signatures. Way more than enough to get it on a ballot.


Then it became common knowledge that the five city council members had closed door meetings in July and August with lobbyists for those whose seek to fluoride the water.  It was not shown on the public record of the council members, but it was shown on the reporting record of the lobbyists.


Since 2010, 76 communities have rejected fluoride.  The people here in Washington State and in fluoridated areas around the world are waking up and

speaking out.  It is now even gaining the attention of the tooth paste manufactures who have began to offer “Fluoride-free. Safe if swallowed” products.


The time has come for you unzip your lips and have open debates on the scientific information now available.


Still having some time left I added


An interesting fact I just learned was that a 2011 Freedom of Information Act request asked for the names, titles, and job descriptions of all persons past and present inside the U.S. CDC that had input into CDC’s decision to support fluoridation.  The request turned up a disturbing fact:  CDC’s Oral Health Directors, acting alone within CDC for more than 35 years, had sole input and control in deciding to support fluoridation.


Thank you, any questions?   NONE!

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