Bd of Health

Bellevue dentist and scholar Bill Osmunson submitted 15 petitions to the Washington Board of Health for rule making regarding fluoridation.

Read all 15 of them here.

The Petitions are as follows:

1. FDA must approve fluoridation materials

2. As an alternative fluoride concentration should be reduced

3. Lead in fluoridation materials

4. Fluoridation and Infants

5. Fluoridation materials are drugs based on their intended use to affect health

6. Dental fluorosis

7. The effect of fluoride on the brain

8. Ethics – administering a drug without informed consent

9. The effect of fluoride on the thyroid

10. The connection between fluoride and cancer

11. The blood serum concentration of fluoride

12. Fluoride and the EPA reference dose

13. The efficacy of fluoridation

14. Fluoride and the kidneys

15. The lack of batch testing of fluoride shipments

The Board of Health has to respond to these proposals in writing. Proposals that are declined can be appealed to Governor Gregoire.

On June 9, 2010, the first proposal was heard. The Board of Health dismissed the proposal, making a raft of specious arguments.

Washington Action for Safe Water (WASW) appealed the decision directly to Governor Christine Gregoire. However, the appeal was denied on jurisdictional grounds because it was presented more than 30 days after denial. We have resubmitted the appeal as a new rulemaking motion.

Read the original proposal here.

The Board of Health turned the proposal down and demonstrated in its response that it did not understand the issues involved.

So WASW filed this appeal.

WASW filed a new rulemaking petition regarding the lead which silicofluorides contain, which they cause to be leached from pipes and solder, and which they cause to be absorbed by the body.

Fluoride Class Action filed an Amicus Letter in support of the WASW appeal.


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