Proposal 1-Resubmission


September 13, 2010

Washington State Board of Health
Craig McLaughlin, Executive Director
PO Box 47990
Olympia WA 98504-7990

Sent by fax to: 360-236-4088
Sent by email to:

Dear Mr. McLaughlin,

WASW has filed an appeal with Governor Gregoire of the June 14, 2001, denial of WASW’s proposed rulemaking regarding fluoridation.

However, that appeal has been filed – for good reason, we believe – more than 30 days after the June 14 ruling. Therefore, there is the possibility that Governor Gregoire will deny our appeal because it is being filed late.

In order to avoid having to wait another three months to renew our rulemaking proposal, we are at this time refilling the same petition for Rulemaking which we filed in May and which was denied on June 14, 2001.

In addition to the petition itself and appendices A through M, we are adding the September 13, 2010 appeal letter which we have directed to Governor Gregoire.

Thus, the following documents are part of this renewed appeal:

Petition to the Washington Board of Health for New Rule Making on Water Fluoridation

Appendix A: Proposed New Regulations, WAC 246-290-220 and 246-290-460

Appendix-B: The FDA Has Jurisdiction Over Water Fluoridation And Fluoridation Materials

Appendix C: FDA 1993 letter stating that the FDA is not approving fluoride tablets, fluoridated salt, or any other medicines or supplements for ingestion

Appendix D: Additional Laws, Court Cases, and Ethical Considerations

Appendix E: Major Health Issues Relating to Fluoridation

Appendix F: NSF – National Sanitation Foundation

Appendix G: How Much Fluoride Do We Need?

Appendix H: How much fluoride are we getting? How much can we take?

Appendix I: Fluoridation Risks

Appendix J: The Lack of Benefit From Fluoridation

Appendix K: Case Histories of Those Highly Sensitive to Fluoridation

Appendix L: Fluoride is regulated by the FDA

Appendix M: Testimony of Kathleen M. Thiessen To Washington Board of Health

Appeal to Governor Gregoire dated September 13, 2010


Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH
President, Washington Action for Safe Water
1418 – 112th Ave #200
Bellevue, WA 98004


James Robert Deal, Attorney at Law
Vice-President, Washington Action for Safe Water

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