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Dr. Sauerheber on Radioactive Water



James R. Deal, JD
Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH
Washington Action for Safe Drinking Water
Fluoride Class Action
James and Bill,

We are all thankful for you sending in detailed comments to the EPA and to Health and Human Services. Thanks also for posting my original FDA ban petition 2007, its supplement 2010, and a few comments I sent to the EPA on your Fluoride Class Action site.

Editor’s note:  See articles by Dr. Sauerheber.

I was asked by the San Diegans for Safe Drinking Water group today if I could send them your EPA and HHS comments and also Dr. Osmunson’s cost analysis data he sent to the FDA to supplement the FDA ban petition, so I sent copies of all that by e-mail.

Down here in San Diego we are concerned about the nuclear disaster at Fukushima.

Emissions have now entered into Chernobyl-type total releases. Fukushima now ranks in nuclear disaster category 7 along with Chernobyl.

Tokyo Electric Power Company, TEPCO should bury the entire facility under boron and concrete to stop the radioactive emissions. Instead it is still saying it wants six more months to bring the reactor under control, during which time they expect radiation releases to continue.

TEPCO engineers still have this idea they can salvage the plant and continue using it, despite its being seawater corroded and so radioactive that it is too dangerous to work there.

Meanwhile it continues to belch out radioactive iodine, cesium, strontium, and plutonium. We are all breathing whatever drifts over here continuously. It has stopped raining now here in California, which was cleaning out the air. It is going to stop raining soon in Washington, and you are going to be breathing radiation too.

Governments are saying that it’s the same amount as a chest x-ray. But there is a big difference. An x-ray stays outside of your body. But we are inhaling the radioactivity from Fukushima into our lungs, where the alpha, beta, and gamma rays will continue to punch holes in our DNA for weeks, months, years, and decades, depending on the half-life of the isatope. These rays are known human carcinogens, and there is no amount that is safe to consume. They do not kill everyone, and they do not kill quickly, but they do kill. Chernobyl has killled around a million people who would otherwise still be alive, and it is not done killing.

Likewise, there is and will be radiation from Fukushima in our water, milk, vegetables, and every thing cooked with our water, our milk, and our vegetables. It will be in the fish we eat too.

So this is a water issue. I ask everyone in the de-fluoridation movement to write, call, fax, and email their mayors, governors, representatives, senators, and agencies.This is a safe water issue. We should really get riled up about this.

Fukushima needs to be buried in boron and concrete as soon as possible, and we need to shut down our reactors and build no more of them.

I have decided to buy a HEPA air purifier. It is made by Holmes and was only $44.00 down here at a Target store. It will protect us somewhat at least while we are home. It filters particles down to 0.3 microns.

Perhaps it’s fighting the ocean with a spoon, but at least it’s fighting.  It is a portable handy unit about the size of a room fan with 3 speeds, so it can be turned down for almost zero noise, as desired. Lots of people use it to filter out air mold, cat hair and allergens and smoke for those with allergies.

We should insist on HEPA air filtration at home and at work.

And we need to be wearing Japanese style masks.  It would be a way to make a visible statement regarding this radioactive pollution of our air.

It’s amazing: We get toxic fluoridated water to drink, plus a little lead and arsenic.

Now we are getting toxic radioactive air to breath. And the radioactivity falls in the water and further pollutes it.

Is this totally insane, or what?

Richard Sauerheber

See articles by Dr. Sauerheber.

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