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From James Robert Deal Attorney – If you care about lead in your drinking water, and a lot of other unhealthy contaminants, contribute to Fluoride Actioin Network.


Go to www.FluorideAlert.org,  and be generous.  And buy this book: The Case Against Fluoride.


Most communities which fluoridate do so using fluorosilicic acid, which is actually a mixture of a score of elements and compounds, and can add up to 1.1 ppb lead to drinking water. But it gets worse: the fluorosilicic acid breaks down into orthosilicic acid, which is one of the most potent lead solvents.


Lead has been measured at up to 63 ppb at random taps in Everett and up to 1,600 ppb in Seattle school drinking fountains.


It is fetuses and infants who are harmed most. Harvard published a review of studies which concludes that fluoridation in general reduces IQ significantly. It may be the lead and arsenic from the fluorosilicic acid which do the harm.


People ask me, well, James, you are a lawyer, so why don’t you just sue them? My first answer is that it should not be necessary to sue. Accurate scientific, medical, and legal information should be enough to convince city councils and water districts to stop this vice. Our elected representatives should have enough integrety and open mindedness to reconsider this slow poisoning of the population.


Unfortunately, elected officials in Snohomish County, the Everett City Council and the Snohomish Health District Board, are still trapped in the maze of scientific falsehoods propounded by the chemical and fertilizer companies which profit from selling this toxic waste to us, and which scientific falsehoods are passed on by Snohomish County’s chief medical officer, who too is trapped in the same maze.


And so when people ask me, well, James, you are a lawyer, so why don’t you just sue them? My second answer is that the lawsuit are coming.


Many cities and water districts have de-fluoridated, and many are fighting to de-fluoridate, as in the case of Austin and New York. Many are resisting efforts by fertilizer and chemical companies to force fluoridation on them, as in the case of Portland and Wichita. They can do this because they have access now to accurate, complete, and objective scientific information regarding fluoridation.


Fluoride Action Network is the premier place to go for information about fluoridation, including videos of experts on the subjet. When I need to find a fact or a journal article, I go to www.FluorideAlert.org first.


Fluoride Action Network also offers credibility, bringing together research of scientists around the world. Its senior spokesman is Dr. Paul Connett, Ph.D., co-author of The Case Against Fluoride, who is widely regarded, even by his opponents. Paul speaks around the country and around the world, explaining why fluoridation is ineffectual and harmful.


So if you want to get the lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, thallium, hydrogen fluoride, fluoride ion, orthosilicic acid, and radionuclides out of your drinking water or keep them out, contribute to Fluoride Action Network.


Go to www.FluorideAlert.org,  and be generous.  And buy this book: The Case Against Fluoride.


And if you are in Snohomish County, subscribe to these links to receive regular information about what you can do: ; Fluoride-Class-Action-subscribe@yahoogroups.com; wa_action_for_safe_water-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.


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