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Lead Leaching – Lots of Questions



Even after water districts stop fluoridation, there will still be between 8% and 30% lead in pipes and fittings. It’s close to zero but only in newer homes in California.

If fluoridation stops, how much lead leaching will still occur?

If we added no fluoride, how much lead would chlorine or chloramines leach?

How do we stop lead leaching? Do we remove all the pipe containing lead, as the Seattle School district is gradually doing?

To remove all the lead bearing pipes in old houses, old apartment buildings, old commercial buildings – would cost billions of dollars.

Is there a way to leave the lead in place and seal it in?

If water is hard, and you run calcium carbonate through the lines, the carbonate bonds with the lead and walls it off. Will that wall prevent chlorine from leaching lead?

The first and most important step is to stop fluoridation, especially with silicofluoride. How badly does sodium fluoride leach lead?

Lead leaches out more in soft acidic water, like we have here in Seattle. Our water is very low in calcium and other minerals.

So what is the best alkalizer to raise the pH? How does the alkalizer interact with the chlorine or chloramines?

Is the amount of lead that chlorine will leach de minimis?

What would be the cost of killing the bacteria closer to the place of use, in the neighborhoods, with ozonation? Instead of running chlorine throughout the entire line, just ozonate in neighborhoods. What is the cost differential? How much cancer is caused by inhaling chlorine in shower water or in drinking chlorine?

I think our work is gaining more traction because we are focusing on the lead and arsenic as well as the fluoride, and we are explain that silicofluoride is even worse than sodium fluoride.

These city council members are programmed, and the best way to deprogram them is to explain the entire picture to them.

If we offer a comprehensive solution to water quality, one that minimizes exposure to lead as well as fluoride, I think they will more likely find their way out of the maze.






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