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New Members – March 21, 2012 – Everett City Council

March 21, 2012

I’d like to introduce Donna Graham, Cindy Fischer, Mary Fischer, Kathleen Grieci, Sheryl Ladette, Vicki Rosenan and Christine Unckles who were first-time fluoride fighters for us on March 21 at the Everett City Council, having come because of James’ ad in the Everett Herald.

To watch this fabulous team in action, testifying to the Everett council, go to this link below, then fast-forward to the spot you want to view.


James Deal 00:26:00

Donna Graham 00:29:50

Cindy Fischer 00:33:10

Kathleen Grieci 00:34:30

Alli Larkin 00:36:30

Audrey Adams 00:40:55

Sheryl Ladette 00:45:25

When I watch the video, hearing all the testimonies again, I am amazed at how well everyone did! I am particularly impressed by the four new participants (Donna, Cindy, Kathleen and Sheryl) who had no idea you were going to speak at the council meeting that night and nailed it beautifully anyway!!

You were all so sincere, gracious and well-spoken. You thanked the council, you didn’t get angry (sometimes harder than it seems), your voice was calm but convicted and each of you spoke from your own heart, which gave the council many different points of view and different reasons to not fluoridate. The Council won’t suddenly decide not to fluoridate based on our testimonies, but with continued public pressure, education and awareness, they might stop it eventually.

I’d also like to introduce Guy Paduano from Kirkland who contacted me through FAN and would like to become involved. He has some IT experience (YEAH!)

Welcome to all of you!

Audrey Adams

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