Who is fluoridated?

Is your water fluoridated?

To read more about how fluoride is added to drinking water, and how to know if your water system adds fluoride, see Questions and Answers: Is my drinking water fluoridated? DOH Pub#331-409 (PDF 66KB). Your dentist will want to know.

Lists of Water Systems with fluoride (Excel 108KB, 12/09). Open the Excel file and note the three tabs at the bottom, or

View each tabbed section as PDF below.

  1. Fluoridating Systems (green list): (PDF) The systems on this list artificially adjust fluoride in water for dental benefits. The fluoride concentration is between 0.8 mg/L and 1.3 mg/L.
  2. Intertied Systems (blue list): (PDF) The systems on this list are connected to the Fluoridating Systems and have no other sources that would dilute the concentration of fluoride. The water system doesn’t fluoridate but consumers still receive water with fluoride levels between 0.8 mg/L and 1.3 mg/L.
  3. Natural: (PDF) The test results of these systems show natural fluoride levels at or above 0.6 mg/L. Systems that have optimal natural fluoride levels between 0.8 and 1.3 mg/L have a grey background.

If you have questions on Fluoride in drinking water email Richard Pedlar or call 360-236-3115.

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