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Date: November 13, 2012

Physician: Dr. Mark Goldbaum, M.D., 3020 Rucker Avenue, Everett WA 98201

Patient: Every resident of Snohomish County who receives Everett Utility District water, including those who live in homes and apartment buildings and who attend schools with lead water pipes and lead service lines, including infants, pregnant mothers, those with kidney disease, those on kidney dialysis, those with thyroid disease, those with osteoporosis and brittle bones, those who are chemically sensitive, and those who are allergic to fluoride.

Drug: Water containing dilute fluorosilicic acid, hydrogen fluoride, lead, arsenic, and orthosilicic acid – which leaches lead from pipes.

Expiration: No expiration. All may consume this prescription for the rest of their lives.

Quantity: No limit. Everyone can drink as much fluorosilicic water as he or she wishes,

Mark Goldbaum, M.D.

  1. Abha H.
    November 18th, 2012 at 07:09 | #1

    Well, doctor….that is your opinion, and much of medicine is based on the doctors opinion. That doesn’t make it the right choice for every person. YOU can be wrong. It also seems that you have not investigated the latest research on the effects of fluoride. I am sorry to see that you take it upon yourself to prescribe fluoride treatment to the whole population with what looks like a lack of due diligence.

    I have a different experience, and it worked for me. I live in Seattle where the water is fluoridated. A few years ago, I developed low thyroid. That was a rough period as I felt tired a lot. I took the meds for awhile, but I didn’t like it. Being in my early 60s, I felt I was too young to start taking medications.

    So, I decided to do some research on it to see if there were alternatives. I found out that fluoridated water was a contributing factor. How? Well the fluoride molecule is more chemically active than Iodine. I remember this from my high school chemistry. So, what happens is that it kicks the Iodine off the receptor sites for it in your thyroid, and essentially you may get low thyroid due to Iodine deficiency. Yes, there can be other causes, but isn’t it a better idea to consider and treat the causes rather than treat the symptoms?

    Some of the other things that contribute to it are the pesticides in your food–these often fluoride compounds too. Bromines in flour and toothpaste. See http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/09/05/Another-Poison-Hiding-in-Your-Environment.aspx These are not allowed to be added to food in Europe. So I changed my diet as much as possible to consume organically raised fruits and vegetables. I eat organic bread and flour, and *I stopped drinking tap water.* I was using a Britta filter pitcher, but that was not adequate to remove the fluoride. I have been very careful to get my water that has gone through a reverse osmosis filter. I have had to haul jugs of water now for the past couple of years. This is quite a pain. It would be impossible if I were a child, frail, or disabled.

    The last word from MY DOCTOR who I consulted with and blood tests from was I did not have to take the medications as my thyroid level was within normal limits. As I understand it, physicians are only supposed to prescribe medications to people *they have seen and consulted with.* This is one of the essential points o fany healthcare provider’s professional ethics. It is a pity that you feel otherwise. It speaks rather negatively to your level of competence.

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