About Press Releases



I continue to revise the press release. The latest online version is here.


The actual press release version has only four links.

I want to encourage more press releases so I will explain how it works. You sign up with http://prweb.com.

The cost of a basic press release that targets five categories and two metropolitan areas is $80.

My five categories are government, news, environment, health, and something else. My two metro areas are Seattle Bellevue Everett and Olympia.

The $80 press release cannot have imbedded links. However, you can type in five links and no more.

I have only four typed in links, but they link to a web page where the full press release is found plus all the links.


The editors are pretty helpful. They told me that I need to be announcing an event or an action, not just the release of a position paper. So I changed the focus to occupying Seattle City Hall and having a showdown with mayor, city council members, and city attorney.

The press release will be posted to PR Web at 3 a.m. Monday morning, which PR says is the best time.

Every time you revise the press release, they have to approve it.



James Robert Deal , Attorney

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