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To the Herald, 6-30-12

In response to the 6-25-12 article, “Everett City Council wearies of anti-fluoride activists”.

Weary of safe water advocates? We can help.

Congress has placed the authority for determining the safety and efficacy of artificial fluoridation in the hands of the Food and Drug Administration and the safety of naturally occurring calcium fluoride in the hands of the Environmental Protection Agency.   Everett uses artificial fluorosilicic acid, which is a drug that has not been approved by the FDA.

We are requesting the Everett City Council to gain FDA NDA approval for the drug they manufacture and formulate with public water, fluorosilicic acid, or an exemption from FDA regulatory oversight.

Congress gave the weary job of weighing the mountains of complex science regarding the safety and efficacy of substances used with the intent to prevent disease to the FDA.  The FDA has the experts, the policies, and is paid by the tax payers to provide guidance to the City.  The Council needs to simply write a letter to the FDA and ask, “Is fluoride when used with the intent to prevent disease diluted in public water within the FDA’s jurisdiction for approval?”  If the FDA answers “yes,” then the City can ask for approval or exemption from FDA oversight.  Until approval or exemption, fluoridation is unapproved and illegal.

Over the last 50 years Congress has passed at least 13 significant laws confirming that the FDA has regulatory jurisdiction to determine the safety, dosage, label and purity of substances used with the intent to prevent disease such as dental caries.

The safe water advocates are asking the Everett City Council to ensure the public water is safe by simply asking the FDA for clarification on jurisdictional regulatory authority.    We would be happy to help the Council draft the letter.


Bill Osmunson DDS, MPH

President, Washington Action for Safe Water


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