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November 5, 2011






Press Release


Golda had Stage 3 kidney disease, quit drinking Everett water, recovered kidney function

Fluoride suppliers disclaim all liability but still hide behind NSF claims of fluoride safety

 The precautionary principal should be applied

Daughter of Martin Luther King’s says this is the next civil rights issue –
because Blacks, Hispanics, and the poor are disproportionately harmed by fluoridation

Who fluoridates? Who has rejected it?

The same fraudsters who sold us tetraethyl lead sell us fluoride

To All Candidates for Office:

I write as vice-president of, president of, and a member of

We submitted notice to Everett that the silicofluoride it adds to drinking water is the cheap, industrial grade, toxic-waste version of fluoride, that it contains lead and arsenic, and that it leaches lead from pipes.

A separate group, Fluoride Class Action, submitted similar notice to Seattle.

Members of Washington Safe Water and other groups “occupied” Seattle City Hall on October 31 and gave a press release. TV Channel 4 covered it.

We circulated hundreds of our fliers to those who work at and visit City Hall.

We have made a convincing case that fluoridation is ineffectual to reduce tooth decay and harmful to health in many ways.

Council members of Everett and Seattle are dodging this issue, pretending it does not exist. Neither has responded in writing to our charges.

What we are asking is very reasonable: Put this issue on the regular agenda of every county, city, and water district. Talk about it openly. Hold hearings. Allow extensive discussion of the issue.

Take head out of sand.

If you find that it is reasonably possible that what we are saying is true – that sensitive populations are being harmed, then support a moratorium on fluoridation for one year.

During the one-year moratorium, call in experts on all sides of the issue who will give their professional opinion. Ask them the hard questions.

Note that we are not proposing that fluoridation facilities be decommissioned. The tap would simply be turned off for one year. Fluoridation could be restarted if that is the decision.

After hearing both sides of the issue, if city council members decide that adding an industrial grade, lead-arsenic-silicofluoride cocktail to our water poses no risk to any sensitive population – including infants, diabetics, arthritics, and those with kidney disease – then they may turn the fluoride spigot back on. Otherwise they should terminate it permanently.

Some counter: Why not leave the fluoride in, hold one year of hearings, and then make the up or down decision?

Because the burden of proof should not be on those who want lead-arsenic-silicofluoride to be removed. The burden of proof should be on those who want lead-arsenic-silicofluoride to be added. The precautionary principle requires this. Instituting a moratorium is a way of shifting the burden of proof and putting it where it ought to be.

Those water districts which buy pre-fluoridated water from Everett or Seattle should demand they be provided “just water”. Everett has at least four pipelines coming down from Spada Lake, and the one extending to southwest Everett contains “just water”, as requested by a manufacturing facility there.


Likewise, I assume that Seattle has multiple pipelines coming down from the headwaters of the Tolt and Cedar. New pipes could be installed if necessary. Seattle and Everett should pay the full cost – or stop fluoridating altogether.

Everett spends somewhere around $200,000 per year just to pay for the fertilizer smokestack, scrubber liquor silicofluoride. Seattle spends somewhere around $350,000. There are many other costs which are incurred in order to adapt the system to handle this highly acidic, toxic waste stew.

Until “just water” is provided, the counties, cities, and water districts should insist that Everett and Seattle indemnify them from liability in case of suit by injured parties. They should also insist that Everett and Seattle certify and demonstrate that they have insurance adequate to cover potential damage claims.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. We have gone past a prima facie case. We have made a convincing case. We have shifted the burden of proof.

Put the issue on the agenda, hold open hearings, and institute a one-year moratorium. To do less is to disregard public health and to be untrue to your oath.



James Robert Deal, Attorney
WSBA Number 8103
  1. Jim
    November 5th, 2011 at 10:09 | #1

    Also Maryland Federal court has litigation from a 13 year old girl with 17 teeth mild(but ugly) dental fluorosis. Suit is for 75,000 but triple damage because of fraud for lifetime repairs.
    San Diego MWD with 18 million also has lawsuit with 8 different damaged groups each with different damage and risks. This is not just about teeth and asks for real FDA proof of benefit for industrial sludge sold as medicant to cure disease. NSF stand 60 falls far short as they fail to meet even their own standards when testing. No specific toxicology profile is provided for the many toxic contaminates known in the product.
    Mr deal has excellent coverage of all of these issues in great detail on the site. I am now sending out the material to several cities. Ormond Beach Fl has 3 attorneys on the 5 member commission. Years ago they had banned me from ever speaking about fluoridation and the First amendment foundation refused to take my case then. Two of the attorneys were elected and now all can speak at public comments again.
    Daytona Beach Fl the last few months has public comments to a near empty room at 530p before the 6p meeting. All had agreed to attend but many times not one commissioner was there. The clerk is their but the video is not sent out to the public with the meeting. It is like it never happened. Sort of flipping off the public. They wanted to avoid negative comments and misinformation. That is their job I guess from what I see. So we can object to a blank wall instead of a blank stare as typical of the commission all too often.
    Keep up the great work James. We are reaching the tipping point. See the Boland to see how the CDC is being exposed with FOI and lawsuit EMAIL releases after a 6 year effort. This is on the Mercury is safe data created by outright fraud by the CDC and millions in cash. Then Poul Thorsen is being sued by DOJ in Atlanta for fraud against the CDC and money laundering after committing study fraud for the CDC. They thought you could trust a liar to not steal your money. Sort of like a drug deal gone bad. They do not call the cops to get their money back usually. The CDC for some reason.

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