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Efficacy or Safety?

January 16th, 2011 No comments

Letter to Craig McLaughlin, Board of Health

from Dr. Bill Osmunson

Jan 13-2010

Greetings Craig,

Question:  On what Legislative authority (law) does the Board include the concept of efficacy when determining the safety of fluoridation?  In other words, what law, if any, gives the Board the authority to determine fluoridation’s efficacy?   In an effort not to keep your staff busy with public disclosure request or another petition for rule change, perhaps you could answer the following question easier and faster.  WASW has not made petitions based on the efficacy or economic impact of fluoridation because the Board is charged only with ensuring the safety of water.  The Legislature does not appear to have instructed the Board to weigh the balance between safety and efficacy of drug therapy, but just safety.

RCW 43.20.50 (2) “In order to protect public health, the state board of health shall: (a) Adopt rules for group A public water systems . . . necessary to assure safe and reliable public drinking water and to protect the public health.

Based on the Board’s statements (especially to deny our 5th petition, intent of use) it appears the Board does weigh the efficacy of fluoridation in with the decision to determine concentration.     Perhaps we should provide evidence on the lack of fluoridation’s efficacy?   Regards,   Bill