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Why does St. Petersberg City Hall drink bottled water?

Another one to add to the disingenuous list is that many cities like St. Petersburg that are fluoridated buy Zephyrhills Spring Water.  I found the water company truck outside city hall back in 1994 and asked the driver if the water was for the city council, and he said “Yes, all and all the other departments.  I called the city utility department and asked for a letter specifying how long were they getting the water, what departments.  The letter came back saying all the city departments were getting the water, and it began right back in 1994 when fluoridation began!

I advise everyone reading this to call your utilities department, request the AWWA Standard for Fluorosilicic Acid B703-06 or the latest standard as this one is from 2006.  The standard advises the utilities foreman to take samples from top, middle and bottom when the acid arrives and check for heavy metals and uranium, radium 226-228 levels.  It also notes in Foreword page ix: “AWWA B7030-00 addresses additives requirments in Sec. 4.3 of the standard.  The transfer of contaminants from chemicals to processed water or the residual solids is becomming a problem of greater concern.”

Also, toothpaste with fluorides uses prescription-grade whereas the water fluorides are referenced even in the dictionary as commercial-grade, but, whoa! Don’t swallow the toothpaste, but swig down all the fluoridated water, soft drinks, canned foods, and on and on.

Hope and pray for a Requiem for F,

Anita K, St. Petersburg

Pinellas County City Council in Florida voted to remove fluoridation from the city drinking water. (700,000 residents of Tampa-St. Petersburg region on West coast of Florida)

Commissioner Norm Roach, who championed the effort, is interviewed by Dr. Stan Monteith on his victory against public drinking water fluoridation:


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Pinellas County Commission votes to remove toxic fluoride from water supply of more than 700,000 Floridians :


  1. Anita Knight
    November 18th, 2011 at 17:03 | #1

    Pinellas County did vote out fluoridation, however, St. Petersburg did not and has their own water source. So we are still poisoned.

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