When the Washington Board of Health or Department of Health denies a petition for rulemaking regarding fluoridation or any other issue, the denial can be appealed to the governor.

Communications with Governor Gregoir have been significant over the fluoridation issue.

James Robert Deal, WASW vice-president, wrote Governor Gregoir a letter in August of 2007 discussing fluoridation issues, particularly the problem with lead in drinking water in Seattle schools. The silicofluorides contain lead and dissolve the lead in pipes, fittings, and solder. See:

On behalf of Governor Gregoir, Denise Clifford of the Department of Health responded with a letter which contained numerous factual and scientific errors. See:

Attorney Deal responded to Denise Clifford, pointing out her errors. See There was no further response from Denise Clifford.

In 2010 Washington Action for Safe Water proposed that the Board of Health enact a rule that would require those water districts which choose to fluoridate to do so using only pharmaceutical grade fluoride. Fluoride Class Action filed an amicus brief in support. See: This proposal was denied.

In 2009 – 2011 Washington Action for Safe Water, powered by the seemingly limitless energy of Dr. Bill Osmunson, made more than ten proposals to the Washington Board of Health and the Washington Department of Health for rulemaking regarding fluoridation.

See Dr. Osmunson’s tenth proposal for rulemaking, this one dealing with the state’s duty to notify water consumers that fluoride added to water can cause cancer. See:

This petition was denied, and Governor Gregoir upheld the denial. See:

Fluoride Class Action, on behalf of Washington Action for Safe Water, asked Governor Gregoir to reconsider. See:

See the Word version here:

Fluoride Class Action also put the State of  Washington on notice of potential for liability for fluoridation. See:

See the Word version here:

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